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TeleHealth Online Visits

Medical practices, including New York Ophthalmology, are adapting their services by providing online appointments for all patients. Our eye doctors and staff are now using secure online telemedicine visits to evaluate and treat concerns about your vision. Telemedicine enables us to limit the number of contacts we have outside our home; it also offers the convenience of avoiding traveling through busy areas.

Virtual visits are similar to regular appointments, but they’re conducted using a mobile phone or a laptop computer from the comfort of your home or office. You can have video or audio calls with your doctor over a secure platform or use a text messaging system to communicate.

We can also perform retinal screenings using images sent securely from your doctor to our office.

New York Ophthalmology uses Werq chat to communicate with patients. Werq meets strict HIPAA compliance standards, meaning your medical history remains secure. You can contact us through Werq using the following links:

You can also send us a text message at (718) 790-4242

Scheduling a TeleHealth Visit Using Werq Chat

The simple-to-use applications are available using an iPhone, Android device, or a desktop computer. Begin by clicking on the appropriate link to log in and then create a profile. After verifying your phone number with a one-time code that will be sent to your phone, send a new message to Nitin Parab, the primary contact at New York Ophthalmology.

At that point, we’ll provide additional instructions about scheduling your virtual appointment.

Of course, you can also request an in-person appointment using the online form or call us at  (866) 599-8774 , and a member of our team will help schedule the visit.