Cataract Surgery
in New York City

At New York Ophthalmology, we strive to make high-quality eye care as accessible as possible to the people in our communities. One of the most common issues we face are cataracts, an eye condition that affects millions of people every year. We've staffed highly-qualified physicians, and adopted state-of-the-art technology, to perform cataract surgery that goes above and beyond for our cataract patients.

Cataract Surgery In New York City
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What Are Cataracts?

As you age, your eye’s natural lens — which is important to clear vision — will start to get cloudy due to a number of factors. This makes your vision cloudy and blurry as well. Cataracts make it harder to do things like read or get around, and can have a big impact on your quality of life.

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Signs, Symptoms, and Causes of Cataracts

The primary cause of cataracts developing is age: most people will get cataracts sometime after turning 40. However, a few other things can cause cataracts or make them come faster, such as excessive smoking or drinking, a head injury, or having diabetes.

There are many signs and symptoms of cataracts, the most common ones being:

  • Blurry or cloudy vision
  • Double vision
  • Light sensitivity
  • Trouble seeing in low light
  • Increased difficulty with daily tasks such as reading, driving, etc.
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Meet Our Cataract Surgeons
We’ve staffed New York Ophthalmology with some of the best and brightest cataract surgeons. Their training and experience are world-class, and during every consultation their team takes the time to learn about your needs and vision goals. They don’t just work in your neighborhoods, they live here, and are deeply invested in improving their communities — as well as your vision and eye health.

Our Cataract Surgery Technology
Here at New York Ophthalmology, we conduct cataract surgery with a precise, state-of-the-art laser platform. This technology has several benefits: a faster and simpler procedure, less potential for adverse side effects, smoother recovery, and clearer vision. We stay on the leading edge of technological advancements to keep you safer and more comfortable en route to clearer vision.

What to Expect From Cataract Surgery
Cataract surgery is a quicker process than you might expect. The surgery itself is a simple outpatient procedure, usually lasting no more than about 10 minutes per eye, and most people report results as soon as the next day. Your eyes will take several more weeks to fully adjust, but a couple-hour appointment can mean cataracts are solved for the rest of your life.

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Customizing Your Cataract Eye Surgery

Cataract surgery is not just a chance to solve cataracts, it’s an opportunity to restore your vision — and even improve it. When we remove your natural lens, we replace it with an artificial “intraocular lens” (IOL). A standard IOL will put your vision back to where it was prior to your cataract forming, but there are other options available as well.

Premium IOLs have the ability to enhance your near, mid-range, or distance vision, making it so you rely less — or not at all — on corrective eyewear. During a consultation, you’ll go over the different options available and decide which is best for your vision and lifestyle.

Cataract Surgery at New York Ophthalmology

Cataracts negatively affect people’s quality of life, but they never have to be a life sentence. Cataract surgery is the only true solution, but thankfully it’s also a permanent fix that can enhance your vision as well. Your first step toward getting your clear sight back better than ever is scheduling a consultation at New York Ophthalmology.

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