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Whether you live in the South Bronx or Queens, New York Ophthalmology is part of your community. Established in 2014 with the mission of providing residents and their families exceptional vision care in a friendly and positive environment, our growing practice now includes multiple locations across New York City and Long Island. Our ophthalmologists use the latest technology to diagnose and treat a range of vision problems, and to perform advanced LASIK surgery.

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Cataract Surgery

Nearly everyone develops cataracts—cloudy lenses—as they age. Today's cataract surgery is quick, comfortable, and has you seeing clearly in days.

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Diabetic Eye Care

People with diabetes are vulnerable to certain eye problems, and it's important that they get their eyes checked frequently for early detection.

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Primary Vision Care

Scheduling regular eye exams as part of your overall health care can help detect not only problems with your vision, but also health issues such as diabetes or high blood pressure.

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Helping People Is What We Do

When Dr. Neil Patel founded New York Ophthalmology his goal was straightforward: Help people by providing access to expert vision care previously unavailable in the area. Dr. Patel's vision flourished, and our team of compassionate and highly skilled eye doctors continues to expand.

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