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New York Ophthalmology – Brooklyn

774 Broadway 2nd Floor,
Brooklyn, NY 11206


(866) 599-8774

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(866) 599-8774

New York Ophthalmology’s Bedford Stuyvesant office is located in the heart of Brooklyn. We offer a wide variety of eye care services, ranging from medical to surgical, to improve our neighbors’ eyes: by using up-to-date methods and equipment, our skilled doctors strive to provide each person who trusts us with their vision the attentive, high-quality eye care they deserve.

As members of your community, we’re devoted to making specialty eye care easy and accessible for all. If you think you don’t have dependable options, remember that you can always count on us.

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Treatments & Services

From retina care, to annual eye exams through adulthood, to specialized eye surgery, we offer advanced vision solutions for your entire family. Our doctors use the latest diagnostic technology to detect eye diseases as soon as possible, which is key to maintaining your overall eye health and comfort. We take our time to get to know you to determine which services will help you most.

We provide a large variety of eye care services, including:

Bedford Stuyvesant Eye Doctors & Ophthalmologists

As members of your community, our Brooklyn eye doctors understand how vital clear, comfortable vision is for a New Yorker’s day-to-day. We bring in the most experienced, compassionate eye care specialists in the area for a reason: our doctors ensure that each patient feels welcome and receives customized treatments to enhance not only their vision but also their quality of life.

Kimberly Uy, OD


Dr. Kimberly Uy earned her Doctor of Optometry degree from the New England College of Optometry. She completed her clinical training at VA Portland in Oregon, East Boston Community Health Center in Massachusetts, and Naval Health Clinic in Rhode Island. She then completed her residency in ocular disease at SUNY College of Optometry and Woodhull Medical Center in New York, managing cornea and anterior segment disease, retinal pathology, and glaucoma. She is a recipient of the Marchon Practice Management Award of Excellence.


Dr. Kimberly Uy, O.D.

Forum Patel, OD


Dr. Forum Patel is an optometrist serving patients in Queens and the Bronx, NY, who earned her Doctor of Optometry degree from the State University of New York College of Optometry. She completed her residency in Ocular Disease with emphasis on co-managing anterior pathology, retinal pathology, glaucoma, oculoplastics, pediatrics, strabismus, low vision, and specialty contact lens fittings at Fromer Eye Centers in New York.

MEET DR. Forum Patel

Dr. Forum Patel, O.D.
Bedford-Stuyvesant, Brooklyn location

Proudly Serving
Bedford Stuyvesant, Brooklyn

We’re happy to serve Bedford Stuyvesant and surrounding neighborhoods like East Williamsburg, South Williamsburg, Broadway Triangle, Sumner Houses, Clinton Hill, Ridgewood, and Bushwick.

Whether you’re crossing Brooklyn Bridge, wandering through the Brooklyn Botanic Garden, or exploring Prospect Park, New York Ophthalmology wants you to enjoy Brooklyn’s unique sights with sharp vision.

Directions to New York Ophthalmology in Bedford Stuyvesant

We’re located at 774 Broadway, 2nd Floor, Brooklyn, NY 11206.

To get to Bedford Stuyvesant from the south, take the C Line MTA from Kingston – Throop Ave to Broadway Junction. Walk east on Truxton St for 75 feet, then turn left onto Broadway. In 200 feet you’ll find Broadway Junction on the right-hand side; get on the J train and take it to Flushing Ave. Walk southeast on Broadway for 0.1 miles; you’ll find us in the building on the right side of the street, to the left of Fat Albert and directly above SNIPES.

From within Bedford Stuyvesant, take the B43 bus from Throop Ave/Gates Ave to Graham Ave/Broadway. Walk south on Graham Ave for 450 feet, passing Metro by T-Mobile on the left, then turn left onto Broadway. In 80 feet you’ll find us on the second floor of the right-hand side building, to the right of Juicy King Crab Express.

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