What is EVO ICL?

EVO Visian ICL, also called an Implantable Collamer® Lens, is a refractive implant to correct common vision issues like myopia (nearsightedness) with or without astigmatism. Unlike some other vision correction options, the EVO Visian ICL is an additive technology that corrects vision without the removal of any corneal tissue. The EVO Visian ICL is meant to reduce or eliminate the need for glasses and contacts and unlike most permanent refractive solutions, EVO Visian ICL is removable by your doctor, for added peace of mind.
image of evo icl on the eye

EVO Visian ICL Procedure – What to Expect

EVO Visian ICL is made of biocompatible Collamer material that works in harmony with your eye. Your eye doctor will create a small opening in your cornea that will be used to insert and position the EVO Visian ICL. For most patients, the procedure is virtually painless with numbing drops and it typically takes less than 20-30 minutes. Patients typically experience improved vision right away and a quick recovery time.

Are You an EVO ICL Candidate?

Anyone who is nearsighted (myopic) and interested in vision correction surgery could be a good candidate for phakic IOLs. So, if you cannot see in the distance or far away you would be nearsighted. For optimal safety and best results, patients should not have a history of ophthalmic surgery or diseases such as iritis, glaucoma or diabetic retinopathy. After a thorough medical examination of the eyes and an evaluation of the patient’s vision history the doctor will determine whether or not this treatment is appropriate. The ideal EVO Visian ICL candidates will have between -3 to -20 diopters of myopia and enough room between their eye’s natural crystalline lens and iris to accommodate the lens implant.

Requirements for the
EVO Visian ICL:

  • The anterior chamber depth must be 3.00 mm or greater
  • Your vision is Nearsighted (Myopic)
  • Adults between 21 and 45 years old
  • Have stable vision prior to EVO Visian ICL surgery

What happens during the EVO Visian ICL procedure?

Prior to the EVO Visian ICL procedure, an ophthalmic eye surgeon will make two microscopic holes in the iris. Your eye will be numbed with a light, topical or local anesthetic. Once the eye is numbed, the surgeon will make two side port incisions and one main temporal incision that is critical to the insertion process. Next, the surgeon will insert the EVO Visian ICL and place the lens behind the iris and in front of the crystalline lens. This insertion procedure is typically performed one ye at a time. There is very little discomfort and normally no pain associated with the procedure. Some drops or perhaps oral medication may be prescribed, and a visit is usually scheduled the day after surgery.
diagram of what to expect during your procedure

After the EVO Visian ICL procedure. What is recovery like?

After the EVO Visian ICL is implanted, patients will likely only need a day or two for recovery, with little to no side effects. Noticeable vision improvement will occur almost right away. The lens remains invisible to others due to its position behind the iris.

The patient will need to return to the surgeon’s office the next day so that the results of the procedure can be evaluated. While the lens is meant to be kept in place for permanent vision correction, it can be removed if necessary. It can also be replaced with an updated lens if significant vision changes occur after the implantation. Patients will still be able to wear reading glasses for presbyopia after this procedure as well.

The EVO Visian ICL Experience
at New York Ophthalmology

In a quick and reversible procedure , we insert a biocompatible lens into the eye, offering you quality vision and a quick recovery, without the permeances of laser correction. Our expert team ensures a personalized treatment plan, focusing on achieving optimal results while prioritize your comfort and eye health.