Lan Heng, O.D.

Dr. Lan Heng is a trusted optometrist at New York Ophthalmology and serves at multiple locations, including South Bronx, Jackson Heights, and Jamaica. He provides a wide array of eye care including primary eye care, cornea care, red eye, eye infection, eye emergencies, and in ocular disease diagnostics and treatments.

Lan Heng, Optometrist

Education & Experience

After earning his undergraduate degree at Brigham Young University in Utah, Dr. Heng received his Doctor of Optometry from Western University of Health Sciences in California. He is also an active member of the World Council of Optometry. Today, Dr. Heng provides personalized eye care and eye surgery co-management to patients across New York.


Ocular disease icon

Ocular Disease

There are a number of ocular diseases that can threaten your vision, including age-related macular degeneration, refractive errors, and cataracts.
Cornea problems icon

Cornea Problems

Your cornea is the clear, outer layer of your eye. It helps focus vision, but also serves as a protective barrier, which makes it susceptible to a number of conditions.
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Eye Infections

Eye infections can cause symptoms such as redness, itchiness, pain, or feelings of dryness, and can also lead to more serious problems.

Get to Know Dr. Heng

Dr. Heng believes that eye care is critical to good health, which is why he seeks to learn about every patient he has and tailors his care to provide them with the best vision possible. Education is important to him: after thoroughly explaining any conditions or issues they may have, Dr. Heng instructs them on next steps and encourages them to proactively care for their eye health.