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Welcome to Eye Care for You

Ever since Dr. Neil Patel established New York Ophthalmology in 2014, his unwavering vision to provide quality eye care in neighborhoods where it wasn’t available guided our practice. Residents looking for an ophthalmologist in NYC no longer had to travel for vision care treatment provided by experienced, highly trained eye doctors.

Our continued growth has led us to launch a comprehensive and easy-to-use website that includes this blog, Eye Care for You. This creates another way for our team of specialists and support staff to communicate directly with patients about the various vision care services offered at New York Ophthalmology and occasionally address topics generating interest in the area of eye care.

Dr. Patel, the Director of Retina Services in addition to being president of the practice, is clear about New York Ophthalmology’s mission: providing world-class vision care to everyone who visits one of our 5 locations. These are not eye care clinics. Our specialists use high-tech equipment to provide a range of vision care services, including laser cataract surgery, retina care, and diabetic eye care.

You may also be surprised, as are many of our patients, by the friendliness and welcoming nature of everyone at our practice locations in the South Bronx, Jackson Heights, Jamaica, Washington Heights and Brooklyn. We pride ourselves on making every patient’s experience positive. It’s not unusual for some of our patients to devote much of their day traveling to and from their appointments, and we appreciate that they’ve chosen us for their eye care.

As previously mentioned, our practice continues growing and we’ve added additional eye doctors to meet the needs of the residents in the neighborhoods we serve. That means you can expect prompt appointments, whether you’re scheduling a routine eye exam or need specialized care for a medical eye condition. We currently have 10 eye doctors, many of whom are multi-lingual. We can provide eye care services for patients who speak Spanish, Bengali, Hindi, Chinese, and Russian.

In the months ahead, we encourage you to return to our blog to learn about what to expect on your first visit and why it’s important to schedule regular appointments with your ophthalmologist.

If you have specific concerns about your vision or are looking for an eye doctor to perform regular eye exams, request an appointment at one of our 5 convenient locations in Manhattan, Brooklyn, the Bronx, and Queens using the online form. You can also call 866-599-8774 and a member of our friendly staff can help you schedule an appointment.

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