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Is Stress Causing Eye Problems?

Are You Stressed?

Well, we all are! We often feel physically and mentally stressed. Did you know stress can damage your eyes? 

Wondering how? 

When you are extremely stressed or anxious, there is an overproduction of adrenaline in your body, which causes pressure on your eye and results in blurry vision, muscular tensions, and headaches.

What are The Signs of Stress-related Eye Problems?

  1. Sensitivity to light: Experiencing eye discomfort to bright lights
  2. Eye Strain: Staring too long at the mobile or computer screens can strain your eyes as well
  3. Blurred Vision: Finding it hard to concentrate or focus
  4. Eye Floats: Spotting black tiny spots in your field of vision
  5. Eye Twitching: Continuous spasming of upper or lower eyelids
  6. Dry Eyes: Your eyes fail to produce the right type of tears due to a lack of moisture

What to do When Stress Affects Your Eyes?

Most stress-related eye problems are temporary and the best thing to do when you feel stressed is to relax. Try to get enough rest, have a healthy diet, and do stress relief exercises. But if you experience prolonged symptoms then it is time to consult an ophthalmologist.

It is perfectly fine to feel anxious or stressed in our demanding lifestyles. But it is your duty to never take your eyes for granted.

This post is not intended to be medical advice. Always rely on your medical practitioners in matters related to your health.

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